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About The Competition

Elements Workshop calls upon the mechanical keyboard community around the world to enter the community’s first global recurring design competition.

2023 will mark as the first year of this international design competition, providing the chance of a lifetime for an up-and-coming community member to win the award for creative excellence.

Winners will be funded to build their prototypes with a world-class manufacturer, and mass production for GB sale to reach the global mechanical keyboard community and media.

The Brief

Design a mechanical keyboard in any layout; from 40% to 1800 and from ergo to splits layout. Concepts must anticipate the challenges of manufacturing and CMF (Color, Material, Finish), address those challenges with a creative solution, and captivate the imagination with exceptional design.

The Mission

The mission of the Mechanical Keyboard Design Competition, or MKDC in short, is to provide a fair, ethical, and competitive platform for beginners, designers, and innovators with different experience levels and diverse disciplines to compete in while providing them with a global audience to showcase their success and talents.

Open for Entries From Dec 1, 2023 to jan 8, 2024

Entry to MKDC is already closed.

Entry deadline is on January 8th, 2024 at 11:59pm (Pacific Standard Time ; UTC-8)

Prizes Come As

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Elements Workshop Logo Element Red Square
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An Award Package

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Prototype & Production Unit



Winner Label

Honorable Mention Award Tiers

Most Community Voted

Most Creative

Best CMF

Best Presentation

Judging Panel


Elements Workshop works with a panel of esteemed Judges to select Winners. The Judges are some of today’s most influential figures within the mechanical keyboard community.

Judging Criteria

Category Description
Design /
CMF (Color, Material, Finish)
How unique and visually appealing is the keyboard design?
Does it engage the user?
DFM (Design For Manufacturing)
How feasible is the design for manufacturing?
Can it be made with ease or complicated?
Market Value / Differentiation
Would people buy this keyboard?
How does it compare to keyboards within the hobby now?
Innovation / Impact
How innovative is the design?
Does it push the boundaries of what's currently available in the mechanical keyboard market?
How well does the submission communicate the design concept?
Are the design elements clearly presented in a compelling way?


Please check on desktop or tablet devices.

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