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Naturally, you have questions; and we have the answers.

Part I - How to Join?

  1. Is the design competition free to enter?
    Yes, all participants can enter the competition free of charge. Please register for a competition account here.

  2. Can we join as a team /group /partnership?
    Yes, you can. Nevertheless, we will only give out one award/certificate to each award-winning design.

  3. Is there an age limit on the competitions?
    There is no age limit on the main competitions, however, due to the fact that winners will be announced, and their pictures and designs will be published, you need to have permission from a legal guardian if you are underage, other than that, all the designers, artists and architects from all ages can join the main competitions. If you are underage, please don’t forget to email [email protected] for appropriate arrangements.

  4. Do I need to get formal design education or to be a student in a design institution to join the competition?No, you do not need to study design education to join the competition. You also do not need to be a design student to join the competition. The competition is open to everyone, including people coming from non-design fields.

  5. What are the criteria for this competition?
    Participants can design a mechanical keyboard in any layout; from 40% to 1800 and from ergo to splits layout. Concepts must anticipate the challenges of manufacturing and CMF (Color, Material, Finish), address those challenges with a creative solution, and captivate the imagination with exceptional design. The Elements Workshop reserves the right to disqualify any participant who breaches these rules and regulations.

  6. Are there any specific colors or materials that I should use for my design?
    You can show us anything you want, but of course, we would appreciate it if you could provide your reasons behind your choice.

  7. Can I submit a design that is not in the QWERTY layout?
    Yes, you can. We welcome all kinds of innovative and unconventional designs.

  8. Is it necessary to include keycaps in the design?
    The competition focuses on the keyboard itself. So it is entirely up to the contestants whether or not they want to include keycaps in their submissions.

  9. Are there any restrictions on the language or character set used in the design?
    No, the language or character set will not affect your success rate in the competition. Feel free to create a design that truly represents your style.

  10. Can I submit more than one design?
    Yes, you can submit a maximum of two designs for the Competition. Please create another competition account if you decide to submit the second entry. 

  11. How can I modify/edit my submission?
    You can edit your submission while the competition is still open. Once the competition is closed, you may not modify your submission.

  12. Which types of files can I submit? What are the possible formats?
    To ensure that your designs are well-understood by the judges, please submit at least one design image along with a written introduction. Additionally, you may also choose to supplement your presentation with audio, videos, and documents. If you prefer, you can submit a drive link and place all of your files there (but please ensure that it is permitted for viewing).

  13. Can I participate in hand-drafting images?
    Yes, you can participate with hand-drawn images, however, be reminded that most of the participants join with renderings to provide more vivid, life-like presentations to the Jury. If you trust in your drawing skills, you are more than welcome to participate with hand-draft, and you might even get an upper hand if your drawings are exceptional; we also score the presentations.

  14. Can I use Artificial Intelligence tools during the competition e.g. ChatGPT and MidJourney?
    Elements Workshop is keen to see the advancement and adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Contestants who incorporate this technology into their presentation will not be regarded as a violation of rules and regulations of this competition. However, they are encouraged to showcase their originality and creativity in order to surpass their peers. Therefore, if using AI tools, it is recommended to use them only as a supplement to their own ideas.

Part II - Why MKDC?

  1. Why should I participate in the Mechanical Keyboard Design Competition (MKDC)?
    MKDC is the FIRST design competition in the keyboard community, welcoming everyone to participate, regardless of their design skill level. Winners will be selected by a panel of esteemed judges to ensure the competition’s credibility.

    MKDC will also present a “Most Community Voted Award,” allowing all keyboard enthusiasts to engage in the competition even if they don’t submit a design. As a result, participants, particularly the winners, will gain recognition from friends and fans within the keyboard community.

    Moreover, as an experienced manufacturer, EW will offer free prototypes and production units to award-winners. This not only enables winners to bring their favorite designs to life but also paves the way for starting a career or side business selling their keyboards, with guidance and support from EW.

  2. Who owns the rights to the designs submitted to the competition?
    The participants retain ownership of their designs. However, by submitting their entries, you are granting the competition organizer, i.e. Elements Workshop, the right to use your designs for promotional and marketing purposes during and after the competition.

  3. How will the winners be selected?
    The winners will be selected by a panel of judges who are experts in the mechanical keyboard field. The judges will evaluate the entries based on criteria such as Design, Presentation, Ease of Manufacturing, and Innovation. However, for the ‘Most Community Voted Award’, the winner will be selected by the mechanical keyboard community.

  4. Who can vote for the ‘Most Community Voted Award’?
    All keyboard enthusiasts are welcome to vote for their favorite designs in the specific period of time. In order to participate in the voting process and ensure that the results are fair and unbiased, we invite all keyboard enthusiasts to register an account with Elements Workshop. This will not only prevent spamming and unncessary disputes but also validate your vote for your favorite designs.

  5. Would I have any recognition even if I am not a winner?
    All contests who finish the competition will be awarded a digital participation certificate.

  6. Does the winner need to pay for the keyboard prototype?
    While Elements Workshop will offer winners the opportunity to prototype their award-winning keyboard designs for free, it is important to note that this offer is contingent on certain factors, such as the availability of raw materials and the feasibility of manufacturing the prototypes. As such, Elements Workshop retains the right to make final decisions regarding which designs will be prototyped and produced.

  7. How long will the prototyping process take?
    Elements Workshop has decided to award free prototypes as prizes. The average lead time for production will be approximately three months. However, the actual timeline may vary due to factors such as factory run time, sourcing of raw materials, and communication between EW and the winners.

  8. Can I sell the mechanical keyboards which designs are submitted in the Competition?
    Elements Workshops offers free consultations for competition participants who want to turn their designs into products. You should take advantage of this offer if you are interested in manufacturing and selling your own keyboard designs. The consultation can provide valuable guidance on the manufacturing process, supply chain management, costing, and other important aspects to run your business.

  9. What kind of marketing will the winner enjoy?
    Elements Workshop will announce the competition winners on its website and social media channels. The winners will benefit from increased visibility through the organic and paid traffic to EW’s platforms. Additionally, the winners may also have the option to utilize the Winner’s Logo,  participate in interviews, become judges of next year’s competition, and so forth. These can further promote the success and boost the reputation of the winners.

  10. What will the Winner’s logo be used for?
    The competition winners are entitled to use the competition Winner’s Logo for marketing purposes, which can enhance their credibility and professionalism. For instance, they may place the Winner’s Logo on their websites and include it on packaging if they sell their award-winning keyboards.

  11. Can I redeem the prize in cash rather than having it as a gift voucher/production sponsorship?
    No, the prize is not redeemable as cash.

Part III- Why Elements Workshop?

  1. What are your specialties?
    Elements Workshop is an experienced manufacturer with years of manufacturing high-quality products; from luxury watches to automotive parts. Now, we are laser-focused and putting all our efforts into manufacturing mechanical keyboards. Our previous manufacturing experience is the perfect fit for creating your dream mechanical keyboard.

  2. Why did you start MKDC?
    It is Elements Workshop’s mission to promote the hobby of mechanical keyboards to a broader audience worldwide. We believe the competition is a great chance for keyboard designers and enthusiasts to demonstrate their creativity and passion towards mechanical keyboards. We are excited about the potential to identify and nurture future stars in the market. Through our guidance and support in Group-Buy (GB) and even mass production, we hope to bring the award-winning designs to the home of more keyboard enthusiasts.

  3. How can you help me manufacture my mechanical keyboard?We are the only one-stop-shop solution for manufacturing your mechanical keyboard. Period. We can help you every step of the way from design and prototype to mass production and ship to regional vendors worldwide!

  4. Do you charge a fee for a consultation?
    No, our consulting services are free of charge. We will only charge you for the prototype fees and mass production fees after your Group-Buy (GB) sale.

  5. What is a Group-Buy (GB) sale?
    A Group Buy (GB) is the terminology for crowdfunding/pre-order in the keyboard community. Prior to manufacturing the products, the buyers must hit the minimum order quantity (MOQ) within a specific period. This can minimize the risk and potential loss of not selling out the products.

    Some GBs may take 2-3 years to fulfill the orders due to high demand and long production lead time. However, our advantage at Elements Workshop is that we are an experienced manufacturer with the experience and resources to significantly shorten the manufacturing period to within a year. This allows us to deliver high-quality products efficiently while keeping the designs on trend.

Part IV- How to Stay Tuned?

  1. How can I contact the organizer?
    You can reach out to Elements Workshop either through the website, by sending an email to [email protected], or by submitting a support ticket on Discord.

  2. Can I receive updates on the competition?
    You can fill out the IC (Interest Chat) form to indicate your interest in participating in the competition. After signing up, you will receive updates via email as soon as the timeline is announced. You can also stay up-to-date by following the competition on the website or social media. For easy access to all the relevant links, you can visit